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What is Wood Vinegar?

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us more aware of the need to maintain hygiene and cleanliness. As we continue to fight against the virus, many of us have been snapping up disinfectants, sanitisers and household cleaning products, practically using them to clean every corner of our house.

While traditional household cleaners are effective in killing bacteria, most of these products are made of harsh chemicals. Exposure to these hazardous chemical ingredients might trigger allergies or even cause adverse health effects.

Thankfully, there are alternative organic cleaning products including wood vinegar based ones that are equally effective.

Image: Wood Vinegar is extracted from wood and contains more than 200 organic components.

The usage of wood vinegar has gained more attention lately thanks to its organic cleaning properties, but it is not a new discovery.

Wood vinegar had been used over centuries and proven to be effective for agriculture, farming, pest repelling, home use and pet use. It can be applied on any washable surface with no rinsing required.

Traditionally, wood vinegar was derived from tree wood through carbonization process during charcoal production. The vinegar contains acetic acid that is effective in cleaning and disinfecting, and it also contains nutrients that trees absorbed from the soil.

However, traditional production method was deemed inefficient and caused quality inconsistency. As such, scientists have been developing new methods to produce high-quality wood vinegar that everyone could benefit from.

One such discovery is the high-tech patented Pyrolysis process which converts biomass to renewable fuel. The “waste” water from this process is then recovered and distilled to obtain wood vinegar. ONEV adopts this sustainable technology in its factory in the state of Tennessee, located in the south eastern part of US.

Image: A simple overview on the commercial production of wood vinegar.

On top of this, to ensure consistent high quality products, ONEV uses only pinewood trees from the managed forests in Tennessee and its neighbouring states such as North & South Carolina, Alabama in the US. For every tree that has been cut down for ONEV’s wood vinegar production, another tree will be planted. It takes about 4 to 5 years from growing to cutting down the mature trees. This is quite a long timeline, but the time invested is essential to ensure sustainability of the forest, and for ONEV to achieve the carbon negative and fully renewable process.

Image: For every tree that is cut down for ONEV’s wood vinegar production, another tree will be planted.

Some of us might be put off by the strong distinctive essence of vinegar, but you will be surprised by the pleasant smell of ONEV wood vinegar based products. Our products are scented with aromatic organic plant extract, including tea tree oil, orange and rose essence extract that leaves a natural clean scent in your living area.

Using only natural ingredients, ONEV wood vinegar products are made specially for you, your pets and your plants. Ranging from Multi-purpose Cleaner to Potty Trainer to Plant Booster and Foot Bath, our products are gentle on your skin and the environment.


- Cleans effectively without harsh chemicals

- Removes oil, leaving a shiny finishing on stoves.

- Kills bacteria, fungus and repels insects

[Pet Care]

- Effectively repels fleas and ticks

- Restores shine and conditions your pet's fur coat

- non-staining and grease-free

- Eliminates pets' territorial markings

- Odourless to human after 10 minutes of application

- Stainless on fabric, carpet and car’s interior surface

[Plant Care]

- Stimulates vital roots development

- Improves plant health and growth

- Suitable for indoor and outdoor plants.

- Chases away plant pests without harming insects

- Ensures that beneficial earthworms are not harmed

- Uses Neem Oil as one of the active components


- Helps detox and promotes blood circulation

- Alleviates athlete's foot and combats fungal problems

- Relieves stress and gets rid of lethargy

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