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Fleas & Ticks 101

What exactly are they?

Frequently mistaken for each other, fleas and ticks are, in fact, very different organisms. Fleas are as many people recognise them to be – insects. They are also the ones with that famously ridiculous jumping ability. Ticks, on the other hand, are actually arachnids – the eight-legged group.

Both fleas and ticks are so small that the naked eye wouldn’t easily pick them up unless we were specifically looking out for them. Barely a few millimetres at their peak, they feed on blood to survive. They actually require blood at almost all points of their life cycles. Fortunately, they are external parasites: so the nightmares end on the outside!

What makes them dangerous?

Apart from the fact that they’re basically living off their hosts’ blood, the biggest reason why they’re such threats is because of how prevalently they transmit diseases and illnesses. These tiny terrors were actually behind some historically recorded pandemics!

They carry all sorts of bacteria and viruses that affect both humans and animals, sometimes even infecting humans through their pet animals.

Because of their size and how their bodies have evolved, they do not simply get washed away when put under a shower. They also seem to multiply effortlessly, quickly becoming a major problem when they make themselves comfortable within the shelter of your pets’ fur.

So how do we get rid of them?

Apart from heat, vacuum cleaners, powders, and specific medicated products, conventional methods of dealing with them involved chemical treatments that make use of agents like insecticides and chlorine.

These chemicals will almost always entirely eliminate populations of fleas and ticks. However, it is also because of how aggressive these chemicals are on organic matter, that it is harmful for us to come in direct contact with them or use them directly on our pets when they become innocent victims of these menaces.

Natural Alternatives

Over the years, more and more natural alternatives to battle fleas and ticks have been experimented on and shared amongst frustrated victims all over the world. Many of these appear in the form of homemade DIY recipes using easily available ingredients and commonly involve essential oils – a rising fad in recent years.

For fur parents, fighting fleas and ticks is by no means uncommon. However, using chemicals on their kids is a definite no. The struggle to keep their kids’ fur free from fleas and ticks using natural and organic remedies never gets easier.

Pet lovers who are too busy to regularly test and mix new recipes, head’s up: there are, fortunately, ready-made and effective products that are now available for your convenience!

For owners desperately searching for natural, organic, and effective repellants, ONEV’s Repelling Conditioner offers a great solution. Using wood vinegar and geranium oil as its active ingredients, this Fleas and Ticks Repelling Conditioner is made entirely of natural ingredients. It contains no harsh chemicals, no Permethrin (which is very toxic to cats), is gentle on your pet’s skin, all while giving your pet’s fur the shine it deserves and leaving them with a refreshing geranium scent.

Wood Vinegar & Geranium Oil

Documented throughout history as an effective pest combatant, wood vinegar is obtained through organic means and is safe for humans, animals, plants, and the environment. It basically eliminates pests, prevents diseases, and benefits the entire local ecosystem.

Likewise, Geranium oil itself has been a popular beauty product since the time of the Ancient Egyptians! It was known to be particularly effective at promoting radiant skin and bombshell hair, and was therefore a highly sought-after cosmetic ingredient.

ONEV’s conditioner packs both these ingredients to not only get rid of fleas and ticks on your pet, it gives your pet’s skin a much-needed cleansing and its fur a long-awaited beauty treatment. With this Repelling Conditioner, your pet will feel fresh, look fresh, smell fresh, and, most importantly, repel those fleas and ticks as they go on their outdoor adventures.

To pile on the good news, ONEV is currently offering bundle deals for pet owners. Get 2 bottles of Fleas and Ticks Repelling Conditioner at a special price when you purchase the Fur Care bundle. Alternatively, owners could take advantage of the Pet Care bundle, which comes with the Conditioner and a bottle of their Potty Trainer.

ONEV’s Potty Trainer is also made of organic extracts and will safely, yet effectively, get rid of your pet’s markings and prevent them from relieving at non-designated spots.

More information on ONEV’s range of organic products can be found here. And while you’re at it, feel free to take advantage of the ongoing limited-time only free shipping promotion!


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