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Say Goodbye To Foot Fungus

Understanding Foot Fungus

When put together, foot and fungus do not particularly garner a favourable response and many are quick to distance themselves from this pair. Yet, as collectively disregarded as the term may have come to be, foot fungus is actually more prevalent amongst us than we’d like to acknowledge.

Foot fungus, as scary as it sounds, is usually quite easy to detect and treat. While its famously unpleasant image and smell are true stories, they are actually just symptoms that have gotten worse because they were left untreated. In other words, the pictures we see are actually of extreme cases that grab our attention. If treated properly, they normally do not pose major problems, apart from the occasional self-consciousness that some people may feel.

Commonly called Athlete’s foot because of its propensity to appear on athletes, it occurs most frequently on people whose feet become sweaty while wearing tight-fitting shoes or footwear with less breathability, like boots. Foot fungus usually starts as a scaly, itchy rash between toes. It also causes the soles and sides of feet to itch and in some cases, develop skin dryness or blisters.

They are closely related to ringworm infections that appear on other body parts and, like most fungi, thrive in warm, moist environments – which is why they love the tight, warm, and moist space in tight-fitting shoes. They also spread through direct contact, which occurs a lot in locker rooms.

People with weakened immunity are also more susceptible to these infections and should be wary of complications as these fungal infections leave our bodies open to attacks from other more aggressive organisms, like bacteria.

Apart from causing rash and blisters, foot fungus can also spread to the nails, damaging toenails and their nail beds. They cause toenails to thicken, discolour, split, and even lift off their nail beds. Toenail infections are generally slightly more resistant to treatment but is equally managed using similar antifungal treatments.

Other than the usual antifungal medication that can be found in most pharmacies, home remedies to treat this common ailment include using hydrogen peroxide, antifungal powder and white vinegar.

Fighting Foot Fungus Naturally

A crowd favourite, vinegar has been our elders’ go-to fungal fighter for centuries. Because of their natural acidic compounds, vinegar is a time-tested winner against fungus and other microorganisms throughout history.

As one of Nature’s overachievers, wood vinegar stands out in this regard. Due to its impressive amount of useful organic acids and phenolic substances – boasting over 200 constituents of helpful acids, enzymes, nutrients, hormones, and microbes that come together to form this wonder ingredient – wood vinegar is a historically attested antimicrobial agent, combating fungus and aiding in the treatment of infections, wounds, and ulcers.

Wood vinegar’s other uses range from home care, pet care, to plant care.

Another popular and effective natural solution, tea tree oil has been used across generations for its potent antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. An essential oil obtained from the leaves of the Australian tea tree, it has been gaining widespread recognition for its ability to treat acne, yeast infections, and a whole range of inflammatory conditions.

Of its many uses, it is most widely credited as a particularly effective treatment for foot fungus. Using products from tea tree oil, or mixing a blend of tea tree essential oil, as topical treatments for foot fungus have been shown to relieve symptoms and effectively get rid of the infection.

Its additional benefits also include being an effective antiseptic and has been used to treat minor cuts and burns.

An elegant and fuss-free solution for fighting foot fungus, ONEV’s organic Foot Bath is a combination of organic wood vinegar and tea tree oil, bringing double the potency in a single bottle. Made entirely of natural ingredients, their Foot Bath ensures overall body wellness as it encourages blood circulation, greater detox, and relieves stress and lethargy – all while effectively dealing with that fungal issue!

Let go of your day’s stress and fatigue as you soothe your entire body with this Foot Bath, grooming and pampering your feet by simply adding it into your after-work self-care routine.

Find out more about the amazing properties of wood vinegar and its range of capabilities here. Using wood vinegar as their hero ingredient, check out ONEV’s range of organic products here. And while you’re at it, feel free to take advantage of our ongoing limited-time only free shipping promotion!


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