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Trust natural or chemicals?

Editorial content by Jasmine Tuan @jsmntuan

Have you ever read the contents in your cleaning products? When it says 'Kill 99.9% bacteria', what kind of harsh chemicals are added to achieve that? Are you truly protecting your loved ones by exposing them to these chemicals?

I’ve tried all sorts of cleaning products with similar claims. Some also claimed to be people and planet friendly. However, after using such products, my hands will start itching. I figured as long as synthetic materials are added, my sensitive skin will react to it. It’s never a good idea to flush these into the drainage system too. These chemicals we use to ‘clean’ our homes, enter our ocean eventually, where wild lives, marine lives and human beings drink from. How crazy is that? #waterislife #stoppollutingouroceanwithchemicals

When I embarked on my zero waste journey in 2018, I've been making my own cleaning products with just vinegar and citrus peels. Vinegar is a natural product that is shown to kill cold and flu germs. It contains 5 percent acetic acid, which kills bacteria and viruses. #nothinggoestowaste

During Circuit Breaker, I was introduced to another vinegar cleaning product - Wood Vinegar from ONEV = Organic Natural Extract Vinegar ​(aka Pyroligneous Acid). A by-product from Biochar production. #trulyzerowaste

ONEV’s main ingredient is wood vinegar derived from pine wood, replanted each time a pine tree is harvested. This purpose planting process takes about 4-5 years and this is how ONEV achieves sustainable agriculture with carbon negative, zero waste, and a fully renewable process.

Containing more than 200 organic components, wood vinegar is non-toxic, chemical-free, friendly to your skin, as well as babies and pets. Wood vinegar has been proven to be highly beneficial and has been used worldwide for centuries even before the introduction of chemical products.

Some things are good to go back to basics. Such as using simple and effective ingredients that are understood by everyone. For example, the key ingredients in ONEV best selling pair, Plant Booster and Plant Pest Repellent are simply Wood Vinegar, Morninga seeds oil and neem Oil.

More importantly, ONEV is a Singapore brand! Natural, organic ​extract, zero-waste, using fully renewable processes, and so many uses!

The different applications of ONEV includes:

💚 Agriculture & Organic Farming - Plant Booster and Natural Pest Repellent

💚 Multipurpose Cleaning at Home - Effective and Chemical-free!

💚 Gentle on Pets - Simply using wood vinegar and geranium essential oil

It even comes in Foot Bath!

💚 Self Care #TLC - Anti fungus and detoxes.

I'm proud to say, “I’ve tried them all!”

ONEV products make me feel good knowing that I'm cleaning my home, nourishing and protecting my plants, and taking care of myself without being exposed to any chemicals!

It's strange for me to say this, but the smell of burnt wood is quite pleasant too when you get used to it. #smellslikebbq #iquitelikeit

💚 For multi-purpose cleaner, I'll spray on any hard surfaces, and wipe with cleaning cloth.

💚 For plant booster, I'll spray directly onto the soil.

💚 For plant pest repellent, I'll spray towards my plants.

💚 For foot bath, I brought it with me during my monthly pedicure session.

Stop spraying toxic chemicals into your living environment and switch to ONEV natural organic range of products!

More information at

*Enjoy 15% off when you purchase any products with this code: JAS15

*For a limited time only.

Follow ONEV IG and my zero waste journey @jsmtuan


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