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The Benefits of Geranium Oil

Native to South Africa and known for its distinct floral fragrance, Geranium oil has been extracted and used since the time of the Ancient Egyptians. Although there are over 200 different varieties and strains, only a few species of this beautiful plant are used for their oil. Manufactured under the same name, these different strains may differ in scent, but their chemical compositions, properties, benefits, and uses are almost identical.

In the market, Geranium oil and Rose Geranium oil sometimes cause some confusion. However, apart from the unmistakable rose scent that the latter gets its name from, it has the same properties as other Geranium oils.

Having been used historically for its beautifying effects, Geranium oil promotes radiant skin and lustrous hair, keeping skin flawless and hair shiny.

During the Victorian era, Geranium was used as fresh decorative pieces that were edible if desired. The plant’s edible leaves and flowers are often used in desserts, teas, jellies and cakes. Its strongly fragrant quality has also made it a widely used ingredient in perfumes and cosmetics.

Geranium’s Impact on Healthcare

Used in many aromatherapy routines, Geranium oil has proven beneficial in treating a number of health conditions. Its ability to balance hormonal ailments and alleviate mental and emotional distress has proven useful in dealing with symptoms of exhaustion, stress, anxiety, depression, even anger. Its potent soothing effects have been shown to even reduce anxiety in women during labour.

Geranium oil’s aromatherapeutic benefits extend to hormonal symptoms caused by menstruation and menopause, even helping to tackle depression in postmenopausal women when used in aromatherapy massage. Geranium oil is constantly recommended as a go-to for mind and body wellness.

Apart from being an antidepressant, Geranium oil’s primary constituents also make it an effective antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, analgesic, and astringent ingredient.

As a skincare product, it is effective against wrinkles, ageing, and dry skin. Eliminating bacteria, it is a natural deodorant and is very useful in dealing with minor wounds. Its anti-inflammatory properties aid in relieving acne, dermatitis, allergy itch, and other skin conditions. Beyond that, it has been shown to be an effective topical nerve painkiller, easing nerve pain caused by shingles.

Rigorous studies are constantly being conducted on the extensive healthcare merits associated with Geranium oil. It has been attributed with easing the effects of edema, relieving nasal issues brought on by cancer drug treatments, fighting bacterial infections, even helping to combat diabetes.

Its antifungal traits deal with infections like yeast and Athlete’s foot, and anti-inflammatory qualities work against worrying problems like inflammation of the joints, arteries, even neuroinflammatory diseases such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Geranium oil has also been proven to be effective against acute respiratory infections, common cold symptoms, hemorrhages, and is a known diuretic. Oh, it can also be used topically to relieve muscle aches and cramps.

Natural Insect Repellent

Two primary chemical components of Geranium essential oil are citronellol and geraniol. They are monoterpene alcohols that highly contribute to Geranium oil’s ability to repel insects.

A pressing issue that bugs many homeowners is the existence and growing populations of bugs around them. Methods to get rid of these unwelcomed guests are constantly being looked into and experimented with.

This is an especially troublesome issue when pets are involved, as they often end up becoming hosts for parasitic bugs like fleas and ticks. Find out more about them in our previous article.

In order to maintain healthy living conditions and avoid harsh chemicals, many of us search high and low for natural and organic solutions. One such solution that has been gaining popularity over recent years is the introduction of essential oils, such as Geranium oil.

Wood Vinegar

Likewise, another solution can be found in wood vinegar. A naturally obtained ingredient with an equally impressive list of benefits, it has long been used as a potent pest combatant by generations of the past. Wood vinegar’s extensive list of capabilities is only matched by the number of instrumental elements it contains within itself.

Constantly documented throughout history as a powerful problem solver with a wide spectrum of abilities, ONEV’s range of organic products employs wood vinegar as its core ingredient.

By adding Geranium oil to wood vinegar, ONEV’s Fleas and Ticks Repelling Conditioner packs double the punch. Utilizing both ingredients’ natural repellent properties, it effectively eliminates bugs from your pets without exposing them to unnecessary chemicals and medicinal products.

Geranium oil’s beautifying elements also simultaneously give your pet’s skin and coat a sweet glow up, leaving them with vibrant fur that feels and smells fresh.

Looking for a deal on the Repelling Conditioner? ONEV currently has two such deals, specially put together for pet owners! Choose between getting 2 bottles of Fleas and Ticks Repelling Conditioner at a fraction of their usual price with the Fur Care bundle, or take advantage of the Pet Care bundle, which comes with the Conditioner and a bottle of their Potty Trainer.

ONEV’s Potty Trainer is also made of organic extracts and will safely, yet effectively, get rid of your pet’s markings and prevent them from relieving at non-designated spots.

Click here for more information on ONEV’s range of organic products. And while you’re at it, feel free to take advantage of the limited-time only free shipping promotion!


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