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3mo Cavoodle,

I dare not use chemical fleas & ticks sprays on my puppy as he is still so young and fragile. I use OneV Fleas & Ticks Repelling Conditioner and is happy that he had not gotten any fleas & ticks bite.

Mr Tan CH, 48yo

My favourite flower was infested by mealy bug and was close to withering. I used OneV Plant Pest Repellent. The mealy bugs problem stopped and my plant started to grow once more and even having flowers once more.

9yo DSH cat, BeeBee

My lady cat have this bad habit of occasionally urinating at our living room. I tried everything, nothing works. But when I spray OneV Potty Trainer on the area, the effect is immediate. She shunned that area and went back to use the toilet.

Mr Lim ST, 62 yo 

After using OneV Plant Booster, my plant grew stronger and taller suddenly. The flowers bloomed every more brillantly than before.

Mr John N, 42 yo

I haven't gotten much success with growing cherry tomato. But after using OneV Plant Booster, the stem of my plant grew thicker and fruit started appearing!

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