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December 31, 2018

"Wow, your plants grow so well, you have such green fingers!" are some comments that you may hear, or even make.

However, did you know that the term “green fingers” is actually a myth? There is no such things as green fingers!

People who grow their plants well, do so through sheer hard work and care. Behind the scenes of their flourishing beauties are them painstakingly taking care of their plants, watering it, fertilising it, weeding it, checking it for plant pests and some even talking to or pla...

December 6, 2017

Why do we emphasize strongly that our product does NOT contain Chorine, Sulfate, Phosphates, Alcohol, Paraben, Synthetic perfume or Toxic Ingredients?

No Chlorine: Inhalation causes irritation to eyes and nose, which might lead to sore throat, or cough. On contact, it may cause peeling of skin in those with sensitive skin.  We have not

No Sulfate: Sulfates are surfactants that attracts both water and oil, but when it comes to contact with skin, it would

No Phosphates: Too much phosphates can cause...

September 25, 2017

Organic wood vinegar is an essential ingredient in my detox foot pads and works synergistically with the other ingredients — amethyst gemstone, organic loquat leaf, and organic bamboo vinegar. Wood vinegar is been evaluated through and through so to understand its detoxifying power let’s quickly brush up on the history and basic facts about organic wood vinegar, how it’s produced, and the benefits it offers.


How is Organic Wood Vinegar Made?

Wood vinegar, as its name implies, is derived from tr...

September 22, 2017

Modern research on the use of wood vinegar was first carried out in Japan in the early 1950s. It was reported to be effective against: rosette or green mosaic in wheat, nematode in sweet potato, tobacco mosaic, powdery mildew in leafy vegetables, leaf miner and other insect pests. However, due to the introduction of agro-chemicals and their instantaneous effects, research on wood vinegar took a back seat. Ten years ago, interest in wood vinegar resurfaced as the effectiveness and safety of agro-...

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