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Multi-Purpose Cleaners – Why Go Organic?

Finding the right tool and right measure for the right job, cleaning is a test of resource, aptitude, and efficiency for many modern homemakers. To satisfy our ever-present need for quick solutions, there is a constant demand for everything multi-purpose – from vitamins to cleaning agents.

Owing to modern knowledge, multi-purpose cleaners have become stronger than ever, able to work on multiple surfaces, removing everything in their path. With a plethora of choices available, what separates our Multi-Purpose Cleaner from others?

Our Multi-Purpose Cleaner does not contain chlorine, sulfates, phosphates, alcohol, parabens, synthetic perfumes, or any ingredients that may be deemed toxic.

Without chlorine, our Cleaner does not cause irritation to the eyes, nose, and skin. When inhaled, chlorine may even cause a sore throat or bring about a cough. Chlorine also causes greater degrees of adverse reactions and peeling for people with sensitive skin.

No sulfates means that our Cleaner is not harsh on skin and avoids the allergies and health risks associated with long-term use.

Too much phosphates can cause health problems such as kidney issues and osteoporosis. When released into the environment, it can also cause excessive algae growth and disrupt our already fragile ecosystem.

Alcohol is commonly used as a sanitising agent and in glass cleaning products to reduce streaks, but isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) is toxic when absorbed. Containing no alcohol, our Cleaner is safe to use around children and pets.

A common preservative, parabens have been known to cause skin allergies in some people. They have also been linked to greater health risks like hormone disruptions, reproductive issues, and cancer.

Synthetic perfumes are most commonly made using petroleum (crude oil). Petrochemicals contain elements such as phthalates, benzene derivatives, aldehydes, and toluene, all of which have been said to cause hormonal, reproductive, and developmental issues, and are also associated with cancer.

By removing all ingredients that contain toxic traits, our Multi-Purpose Cleaner is safe to use everywhere and by anyone – including people with sensitive skin, or environments with children and pets.

Organic wood vinegar naturally repels ants and other insects, and is an effective anti-fungal capable of removing mould build-up around damp areas. As a purely organic product, our Cleaner is not only safe, it has better cleaning and maintenance capabilities than most other generic cleaning solutions.

Click here for more information on ONEV’s range of organic products.

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