Multi-Purpose Cleaner - Why so many NO...?

Why do we emphasize strongly that our product does NOT contain Chorine, Sulfate, Phosphates, Alcohol, Paraben, Synthetic perfume or Toxic Ingredients?

No Chlorine: Inhalation causes irritation to eyes and nose, which might lead to sore throat, or cough. On contact, it may cause peeling of skin in those with sensitive skin. We have not

No Sulfate: Sulfates are surfactants that attracts both water and oil, but when it comes to contact with skin, it would

No Phosphates: Too much phosphates can cause health problems such as kidney issues and osteoporosis. When released into the environment, it can cause excessive algae growth and disrupt our already fragile ecosystem

No Alcohol: Is commonly used in glass cleaning products to reduce streaks, but isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) is toxic when absorbed. This means it is not safe for children who put everything into their mouth, or homes with pets who lie on the floor.

No Paraben: A common preservative, but is known to cause skin allergy in some people. A greater danger is its links to cancer.

No Synthetic Perfumes: Are commonly made from petroleum (crude oil) or benzene derivatives, aldehydes aldehydes, toluene, and many other known toxic chemicals linked to cancer, birth defects. So why do we need our cleaning products to smell good as long as it cleans well?

No Toxic Ingredients: We wish for our product to be safe for use for everyone, adult with sensitive skin, children and pets alike.

Bonus feature: It repels ants, so it is ideal for use everywhere especially in kitchen.

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