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Wood Vinegar & Moringa Seeds – The “Superfood” Combo for Plants

Commonly referred to as the Drumstick Tree, the Moringa has been conferred various other names across generations. There is one name, though, that has stood out through the ages: the Miracle Tree. With an endless list of curative elements, centuries of people have turned to the Moringa for its miraculous ability to cure or benefit all sorts of ailments.

Its leaves, bark, sap, flowers, fruit, seeds, and roots are all used to make medicine for different ailments. The oil from its seed is also used in food, perfume, and hair care products.

Even the seed cake remaining after oil has been extracted from its seed can be used for a multitude of purposes; from being an effective fertilizer, to purifying well water, even removing salt from seawater!

Wood Vinegar – The One Ingredient for Plants

Another organic product that contains a mind-blowing number of useful elements within itself, wood vinegar has constantly been documented throughout history because of its ability to solve a wide range of problems.

It boasts over 200 constituents of helpful acids, enzymes, nutrients, hormones, and microbes that work hand in hand to create a wonder ingredient that is turning out to the be-all and end-all of plant care.

As we’ve covered in another article, wood vinegar was used as an effective pest combatant by our forefathers. It offers protection against harmful insects and effectively tackles plant diseases. It even helps to keep bigger visitors like cats and dogs away, preventing them from causing unnecessary harm to your plants.

Wood vinegar has also been proven to accelerate plant growth and encourage development of plant parts. Among others, it enhances rooting, improves root strength, leaves plants with lusher leaves, and promotes photosynthesis through increased chlorophyll amounts.

Its direct impact on lifting the vitality of plants and quality of crops also translates to greater crop yield and more fruits being harvested in orchards.

On the soil, wood vinegar helps to regulate the condition of nutrients and balances the microbiological populations. Curing soil-borne diseases and improving soil quality, it eases burden on plant roots and brings about better uptake of nutrients.

Wood vinegar is also a proven compost activator, which means that it is able to facilitate composting and, in turn, enhance availability, quality, and intake of fertilizers.

Because of its organic acidity, it is a potent antimicrobial, establishing itself as an effective sterilizing agent that keeps you and your plants’ environment free of other potentially invasive organisms like bacteria and fungi.

Moringa Seed Oil

In an age of enhanced emphasis on beauty and healthcare, Moringa seeds have started cementing their status amongst the newest trends by virtue of their oil.

For centuries, Moringa seed oil has been lauded as one of the best ingredients for skin and hair care. Known for its efficiency in penetrating organic tissues, it has been used since ancient history for its deep cleansing, anti-aging, nourishing, and healing abilities. It actively promotes cellular growth and hydration, ensuring that skin tissues and hair cells are protected and healthy.

Twice the Effect – Plant Health & Pest Trouble

Like wood vinegar, one of Moringa seed oil’s greatest traits is its ability to accelerate plant growth and maintain soil well-being. It is also another effective pest repellant, combatting external threats to plants while simultaneously providing additional care for them.

Packing the combined powers that wood vinegar and Moringa seed oil have on plants and their environment, ONEV’s Plant Booster is an all-in-one solution for your plants’ essential needs.

This Plant Booster works directly on unhealthy plants by reviving them with essential nutrients. It also actively stimulates root development and builds natural resistance.

On top of that, it also boosts plant growth by directly facilitating composting and fertilizer effectiveness.

When it comes to eliminating threats like pests and insects, ONEV’s Plant Booster delivers blows harder than any other organic solution because of its wood vinegar-Moringa seed oil dual powerhouse combination!


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