Green Fingers - A Myth?

"Wow, your plants grow so well, you have such green fingers!" are some comments that you may hear, or even make.

However, did you know that the term “green fingers” is actually a myth? There is no such things as green fingers!

People who grow their plants well, do so through sheer hard work and care. Behind the scenes of their flourishing beauties are them painstakingly taking care of their plants, watering it, fertilising it, weeding it, checking it for plant pests and some even talking to or playing music for them too. And to do so, you have no idea how much time and dedication they put in, to research and gather knowledge about how-tos and what steps to take in caring for their plants.

To say that they have green fingers, is no different from saying someone scored well in an exam simply because they are blessed with good luck. We know even with good marks, a student would have to be studying very hard to achieve it. So how could the growth as a result of such efforts of dedication be solely credited to just a stroke of good luck?

If you are reading this, chances are that you are one of those who are known to have “green fingers”, for you have learnt enough about plants to start to explore the route of natural and organic options of growing plants. Yes, chemicals might work faster, but going organic is always better in the long run. So what you waiting for? Check out our highly-raved plant care bundle and grow your plants the natural way.

If you are still learning how to care for your plants, stay tuned to find out more about how to get your very own green fingers as I have successfully achieved myself with the aid of OneV's Plant Care Bundle! From being labelled murderer, black fingers, to growing a variety of healthy plants.

If I can, so can you ...Especially so if you use our Plant Care Bundle!

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