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How to Achieve Your Own Model Garden

"Wow, your plants grow so well, you have such green fingers!" are some comments that you may hear, or even make.

As we lament our inability to achieve that impossibly picturesque, insta-worthy garden, we often wonder about the truth behind green finger miracles. To that end, we dug deep and came up with some age-old tips that could potentially help us all become wonderful gardeners and Nature’s nanny.

Essential to getting that lush and healthy garden is, unsurprisingly, to ensure that we do not introduce potential plant diseases in the first place. As obvious as it may sound, many of us tend to overlook the importance of spending additional time and effort on that initial contact.

Before introducing a new plant into your environment, always remember to examine and check if it is healthy. Look at its roots, stem, and leaves for markers of its health. Physically examining a plant in detail while shopping may seem unusual and strike many as awkward, but the act of actually seeing if a plant is sick is a study in itself, a skill picked up through effort and refined with experience.

Environmental conditions and biological differences also play a vital role in ensuring a steady start. Always do adequate research and read up on the type of plants you intend to grow and build a garden with. Keep an active eye out for bugs and insects – they are not only carriers of diseases, but the damage that they cause would make your plants even more susceptible.

Also remember to diligently upkeep and maintain your garden’s environment. Waste like dead leaves can host disease-causing organisms for very long periods, like an entire winter for example.

Finally, go for natural and organic solutions to give your plants that essential health boost. Like chemicals on the human body, plant and soil health are also greatly lifted when supported by natural remedies.

ONEV’s organic wood vinegar Plant Care Bundle is one such solution that promises to give your plants that healthy glow-up.

For best results, pair ONEV’s Plant Care Bundle with hard work and dedication to achieve those scenes of flourishing beauty.

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