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18 Benefits of Wood Vinegar

Vinegar has been made and used since before the ancient Babylonians – over 5000 years ago. Featured prominently in civilisations all over the ancient world, from the Chinese to the Spartans, it could be found in almost every household. For thousands of years, vinegar has been a common culinary and medicinal ingredient. Fast-forward to the 21st century and its popularity has all but fallen. Still an essential culinary and medicinal ingredient, many variants of vinegar have been developed across generations, including what is known as wood vinegar.

How is Organic Wood Vinegar Made?

Wood vinegar, as its name implies, is derived from tree wood. Traditionally, organic wood is heated to 250 degrees Celsius, the smoke created is then collected, condensed, and distilled into what is known as wood vinegar. The initial distillate is put through multiple rounds of filtering in order to achieve maximum purity, before being kept and aged for at least six months.

At ONEV, we employ a patented cutting-edge pyrolysis process. Achieving temperatures above 1000 degrees Celsius, we are able to efficiently obtain wood vinegar of the highest purity. Additionally, ONEV only uses wood from the pinewood trees of managed forests in Tennessee and its neighboring states to ensure and maintain quality and consistency.

18 Benefits of Wood Vinegar

Among its countless health benefits, here are 18 of organic wood vinegar’s most common strengths:

1. Promotes Digestion and Soothes Indigestion

Wood vinegar has been known to support digestion and fight against acid reflux.

2. Removes Foul Odours

Foul odours stem from many sources. However, regardless of whether they may be due to hygienic reasons or a result of physiological reactions, they similarly bring about social anxieties and negatively affect day-to-day living. Applying wood vinegar to affected areas helps to neutralise scents and odours.

3. Supports Bowel Health

On top of supporting digestion, wood vinegar also helps to promote bowel movement and is said to provide health support when dealing with colitis, Crohn’s disease, and irritable bowel syndrome.

4. Supports Liver Health

As the liver is our main detoxifying organ, keeping it healthy is vital to our overall wellbeing. Wood vinegar’s detoxification and circulation promoting properties supports the liver’s process and is thought to provide aid when dealing with Hepatitis, Jaundice, and liver cancer.

5. Combats Diarrhoea

Wood vinegar has been shown to promote healthy intestines. It increases populations of the probiotic Lactobacillus spp., and its antibacterial properties take out intestinal bacteria like E. coli. Many have sworn by its effect against diarrhoea.

6. Combats Vomiting

Vomiting as a result of an illness can be very unpleasant and wood vinegar has been shown to be helpful in providing relief.

7. Remedy for Peptic Ulcers

The acids found in wood vinegar work alongside our stomach’s acids to combat peptic ulcers.

8. Promotes Oral Health

The acidic elements in wood vinegar and their natural antibacterial properties help to keep oral bacteria in check.

9. Encourages Normal Cholesterol Levels

Vinegar has been shown to provide a positive effect on cholesterol, an action that also supports heart health.

10. Relief for Insect and Snake Bites

Wood vinegar’s relieving action helps to take the sting out of fresh insect and snake bites, and reduce infection at the same time.

11. Remedy for Poison Ivy

Wood vinegar reduces swelling, redness, and itchy sensations caused by poison ivy.

12. Cleaning Wounds

Cuts, scrapes, and open wounds benefit from a light application of organic wood vinegar. Its natural acidity helps to kill bacteria, reducing risk of infection.

13. Fights Cellulitis

Cellulitis is associated with acute swellings of the skin’s connective tissues, usually caused by bacterial infections. By reducing bacterial accumulation, wood vinegar proves helpful against such conditions.

14. Diabetic Ulcers

Ulcers can form when diabetics develop circulatory issues, which could sometimes lead to infection. Wood vinegar helps discourage ulcer-related infections.

15. Relief for Ear Infections

Caused by bacteria, patients with ear infections may find relief with wood vinegar.

16. Remedy for Gout

Generally caused by an accumulation of uric acid in the blood, gout affects the joints and causes tenderness, redness, and painful swelling. Wood vinegar is a natural remedy that actively absorbs uric acid.

17. Supports Prostate Health

Wood vinegar provides support for prostate health, reducing risks of prostatitis and its symptoms.

18. Body Well-Being

Wood vinegar has been used across generations to aid in the general well-being of the human body, with many instances of it acting as an effective natural remedy for all sorts of discomfort and ailments.

[Article adapted from Natural & Organic Living Blog, by Dr. Edward Group]


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