Foot Bath - 8 bottles (1 month Supply) - $31.20


All Natural Ingredients

Sooth Tired Feet

All Natural - No Chemicals

Long Term Body Wellness

OneV Foot Bath is part of OneV series of organic products that helps detox and promotes blood circulation. It also alleviates athlete's foot and combats fungal problems.

Continual use of OneV Foot Bath helps in long term body wellness, relieves stress and gets rid of lethargy.

Body Wellness

Pour, Soak, Enjoy

- Shake well before use

- Prepare basin/tub with warm water till ankle level

- Add whole vial of OneV Foot Bath solution to water

For best results, use twice weekly for at least a month.



Tea Tree Oil


Natural Woody Smell

OneV Foot Bath does not have any added chemicals and is being used to cover the natural woody and sour smell of wood vinegar.

An effective way to sooth tired feet, moisturize cracked heels and getting rid of foot fungal problems.

Stop Foot Fungal Problem

NOW: $31.20

For better health, for beautiful feet.

Use Twice weekly.

Get your 1 month supply of foot bath


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