Why Organic?

Statistics show that a typical household have an average of more than 62 chemical lurking around. These chemical may have short term negative effects on your health. 

These are actual warnings on common household products: "Use only in well-ventilated areas", "Wear rubber gloves when using", "Causes moderate Eye Irritation", "Avoid prolonged breathing of vapour or mists", "Warning: Eye and Skin Irritant".

Everyday, you use chemicals to clean your house, grow your plants and care for your pets. Are these chemicals really safe for them?

Have you ever wondered just how toxic are these chemicals which are capable of killing 99.9% bacteria? Have you ever considered, when you use these chemicals, are you killing 99.9% germs or are you killing yourself?

Choose organic. Choose ONEV.

Why  ONEV?

If you are already using Organic products instead of chemical products, that's great. If you are not, you might be thinking, why ONEV?

The most important component that makes up Organic Product compared to conventional product is, what is in the bottle, what ingredients are being used to make this Organic Product.

Look at the long list of chemical looking ingredients listed in other organic products. Is that chemical name really a natural ingredient with a nicer name? Are you sure those chemical looking ingredient is natural organic?

ONEV products do not have complicated looking ingredient list. We DO NOT have complicated chemical names. Just a simple list.

We can do this because we use only the finest ingredient - Wood Vinegar.

Why Wood Vinegar?

Why Wood Vinegar? What is Wood Vinegar?

Wood Vinegar is extracted from wood and contains more than 200 organic components. Wood Vinegar have been time used  over centuries and centuries across numerous continents way before chemicals are produced. It have been proven to be effective for various uses, from agriculture, farming, pest repelling, home use and pet use.

What goes into the production of Wood Vinegar determines the quality of Wood Vinegar.

To ensure that we can consistently produce high quality Wood Vinegar, we personally select the pine forests in U.S.A to produce our ONEV Wood Vinegar.

In this way, we are absolutely sure the Wood Vinegar that we use in ONEV products is of the finest quality.

What's More?

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