The way to relax and sooth sore and tired feet after a long day of work is having a foot soak. Not just any foot soak, but using the all-natural OneV Foot Bath. OneV Foot Bath detox and promotes blood circulation to relieve stress. With no added chemical or preservatives, it is suitable for everyone.

Detox today, with our all-natural OneV Foot Bath. 

Foot Bath (4 Bottles)

S$31.20 Regular Price
S$12.12Sale Price
  • OneV Foot Bath Set consist of 4 bottles of OneV Foot bath. When used twice weekly for just 2 weeks, you can definitely see the difference in your health and feet condition! 

    This is an all-natural Foot Soak and no chemicals are being used to cover the natural woody smell of wood vinegar. OneV Foot Bath is effective in soothing tired feet and moisturing those cracked heels and getting rid of foot fungal problems.  

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